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Hello beautiful souls, My name is Yassi , I’m an energy, an old soul who has been on earth for such a long time and I’m here to evolve, bring love to earth, help myself and others to get inspired and hopefully find their true purpose in life. I’m currently residing in Toronto, Canada but who knows where I will be next as earth is my home and I truly believe in these words:

Religion: LOVE
Birthplace: Earth
Race: Human
Politics: Freedom

I founded Phoenix Colours in January 2017 which consists of my original art ( In different formats : digital, watercolour, video art) and later on added other services like Oracle card readings, video editing, web services etc. You will also find other lightworkers and my brother/sisters who also have joined me here to shine their light and use their gifts. (i.e. Musicians, Bloggers, etc.) If you are interested to have a collaboration art please send us a message and let us know as we all love to to do collaboration with other artists.

My journey of awakening started in the summer of 2016 when I met someone very special. This person (Some may call a Twin Flame although I prefer not to label experiences but this is closets to what I have find out) awakened the light within my soul. I started to question the meaning of life and all of a sudden my life became completely upside down. I had no idea who I was anymore. My old identity died upon that meeting and my true self (higher self) started to show up more and more. I will write more about this awakening experience in my blog later on as I know some people might find my soul journey helpful and fascinating. After months of pain and suffering (Dark night of the soul) and researching about this phenomenal (Feeling the other person is the mirror of your soul and somehow they are in your head all the time) called Twin Flames I finally began to understand why I’m here on earth and what this  journey is all about, so I started Phoenix Colours (Symbol of immortality – didn’t know this but apparently symbol of Twin Flames as well) to spread love and serve humanity with my gifts. My ideal world is the one with no borders where there is no separation of race,  colour of skin or gender. My ideal world is based on the vibration of love and living by the heart. Together we can create this world, you and I. My personal motto for Phoenix Colours  is:

“Turn on your inner light”.

My wish is to inspire you with intuitive/inspirational art and spirit messages. We all have the ability of connect with our higher self and spirit world but forget that sometimes. My vision is to close the gap between you and your higher self/soul so you can truly become who you are inside. Your true, authentic self. Welcome dear ones to our Phoenix Colours site and I wish you from the bottom of my heart a very beautiful journey for your soul here on earth and after. May you find your truth, and live by it every single moment of your life. Namaste

If you wish to know about the services we offer please visit this page. 

I have studied fine arts (Digital Media) at York University in Toronto but my whole life I’ve been a student of life; always learning, always evolving. I also been practicing the art of Oracle Card readings for as long as I remember. I’m in love with divination cards as they connect me to spirit world and allow me to listen to my intuition. I do believe that all of us have the ability  to connect with spirit without any tool like cards or crystals and all we need is to allow our heart to guide us, but sometimes maybe need a little bit of help or guidance to align ourselves with that inner light and that’s why I love them. In none of my practices either card readings or my art I follow any system or method. All I do is to listen to my intuition and I find it very accurate when it’s genuinely from the heart.


Yassi is an incredible artist and a beautiful soul. I met Yassi on Instagram and connected with her because of the deep spiritual connection that shines through her work. She has painted images for me that remind me to connect with my own spirituality and for that, I am forever grateful.

From U.S

I fell in love with the work and the personality of the beautiful Yassi @phoenixd22 She comes from Toronto, Feel free to visit her page to discover her sunny videos and her very personal talent gnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ipsum dolor sit amet.

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