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Hello beautiful souls,

On this page, you will be able to book us for different services that we offer such as: Oracle Card Readings, Web Consulting and other services. (Please refer to this page for a full list of services

Please note: Card readings are only for guidance and it shouldn’t be considered as a solution to your problems. We all have inner guidance but sometimes need a little help to listen to that. Please consult with a professional if you are suffering from any illness. Also, no one can predict your future. We are in control of our own destiny, so please don’t consider the answer from the oracle or guides written in the stone.
If the readings resonate then they are for you and if they are not simply move on. Always listen to your heart and what your gut feelings telling you in regards to any questions/issues or problems you have in life.

How does intuitive painting works? See this page for examples.
You can let us know if you are interested in intuitive painting which is connecting to your energy and painting is based on that.
Basically, we will have a little chat and then you will receive your painting based on what you requested.

How does oracle card readings work? For all the oracle card readings you will receive a recording along with a picture of your cards and description of it.
(Send to you via e-mail) – First, we will have a little chat either on instagram or whats app or viber to see how our energies work together and if it worked then we can start the process.

What type of video art service is available? See this page for examples.You can simply send us your picture or idea and we can animate the picture and add to it. Please note that these videos are short and around 60 seconds for instagram use.

Now enjoy the ride! and remember to: “Turn on your inner light”