Phoenix Feather

Phoenix Feathers

Welcome to this magical space dear ones! We are here to bring love and light to the world, to honour earth and all creations.

As the earth has shifted in to new dimension so did we humans and other beings on earth. The new earth is here, we the light workers been waiting for this moment for such a long time; day after day, decade after decade and lifetime after lifetime. The language of the universe is very simple, it’s called: LOVE

The time has come for us to look at the world in an entirely new way, to create new experiences, dance to new songs, write new stories and paint new canvases. Let’s dance to the song of our souls. Shall we?

Here you will find us creating art, music, video art and talk about our stories of love, new earth, peace, self love and more. If you want to contribute to our stories contact us here.

Join us in our journey and we hope you will find yourself inspired and enlightened here. Namaste beautiful souls and remember to:

Turn on your inner light